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The Oriental Jasmine is an all-natural day spa that brings a fresh and unique perspective to the practice of health and beauty care enhancement, both traditional and modern, in a relaxing and welcoming ambiance.


We´ve been inspired by the best salons in Asia, America and Europe in order to bring you our own personal approach to Day Spa experience.


Located in a charming and airy venue in Barcelona´s Eixample, The Oriental Jasmine is the ideal retreat to enjoy your manicure and pedicure, celebrate a Beauty Party with your friends or get carried away by our traditional Filipino massage Hilot and all our wide range of massage rituals and body treatments.


In The Oriental Jasmine we are happy to share with you our Filipino roots and our deep passion for the South East Asian spa culture and beauty care enhancement traditions.


We are proud to provide a genuine and authentic experience of the traditional Filipino massage Hilot. We believe that nobody better than a native can transmit a more than two thousand years old cultural heritage. For that reason we bet on Filipino massage therapists to perform Hilot massage, done with virgin coconut oil and ginseng specially brought from our family garden in Mindanao Island.


Our nail therapist´s professionalism, experience, patience and love for detail are the best warranties for you manicure and pedicure.


In The Oriental Jasmine we are committed with excellence and a continuous improvement of our beauty rituals.


We enjoy polishing and developing all those important details to make you enjoy a day spa experience with a personality of its own.


Come and be part of The Oriental Jasmine!


Manicura, Pedicura, Masaje

C/Muntaner 88, 08011 Barcelona

Open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:30

Tel: 93 453 75 51  |  Email:

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